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Why Hire A DUI Attorney

Why Hire an Orlando DUI Attorney?

A good DUI attorney in Orlando could spell the difference between outrageous fines and outright jail time, to having your driving rights restored in record time.  Thousands of people each year who face drunk driving charges in Orlando have had their cases dismissed by an experienced Orlando DUI lawyer.

Benefits of Hiring an Orlando DUI Attorney

1. Proper Legal Guidance

A good Orlando DUI lawyer will provide the necessary legal guidance in your case.  He will advise you on what course of action to take and how not to incriminate yourself in court. First offenders especially, are understandably frightened after being charged with a DUI.  Your attorney will speak for you and make sure that your rights are not violated. This takes away the stress that is normally associated with the court procedure.

2. Specialized DUI Defense

When charged with a DUI,  it is important that your situation be investigated right away. Every state has different laws regarding drunk driving.  Since not all lawyers are focused on drunk driving cases, it is important to choose the right attorney for your defense – a lawyer who is knowledgeable and specializes in the DUI defense field. An experienced DUI attorney on Orlando is familiar with the methods involved in gathering evidence during a DUI stop.  For example, the breathalyzer test used to prove that a driver is under the influence, is not one hundred percent accurate.  Some could provide inaccurate readings or malfunction.

3. Greatly Improves your Chances of Beating the DUI Charge

Another benefit of hiring a good DUI lawyer in Orlando is they can find and interview witnesses detrimental to your case. They can even hire special investigators to track down individuals to question and testify in your defense.

Qualities a Good DUI Attorney in Orlando Should Have

You need a good DUI attorney who knows about the laws and ways to minimize the punishment.  It is important to have a lawyer who can plea bargain.  Good argument and powerful negotiations can change a judge’s sentence, could even let you avoid jail time, and you may end up with fines that are less imposing.

After you’ve won your case, there is also the possibility that your DUI charge could be expunged or sealed.  Depending on the situation, your lawyer could advise you on how to have the DUI charge removed from your record.  This means that potential employers will not be able to know about the DUI charge, making it easier for you to gain employment in the future.

The benefits of hiring a DUI attorney in Orlando more than compensate the cost of retaining one.  Do not be tempted to save money by not hiring a DUI attorney, as the risks are greater without one.

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